Three Chief Factors Influencing Consumption of Nuts and Seeds Globally

Published By : 13 Jul 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Nuts and seeds are being highly consumed globally as they possess a number of essential nutrients such as folate protein, fiber, and essential minerals that have increased their popularity. Both nuts and seeds have a number of applications. Nuts can be consumed either on their own or can be added to a number of dishes and foot items such as energy bars, dairy drinks, etc. Some nuts have also been utilized within the cosmetics industry. On the other hand, seeds find their usage in a number of kinds of spices and condiments and cooking oils, and form an integral part of food additives. 

  • Changing Consumption Patterns of Consumers: The changing consumption patterns of individuals has come up as a key factor boosting the growth of the nuts and seeds market. Consumers worldwide have become more aware on the growing benefits of nuts and seeds. As per a number of studies, the consumption of certain nuts may also eradicate the risks of certain cancers and diseases. Consumers are preferring healthy foods over junk or on the go foods and nuts and seeds fall in their list of healthy things. This is because nuts are naturally high in proteins and good fats, thus are inherently nutritional.
  • Increasing Preference for Nuts in North America to Boost Overall Market Growth: Amongst the other regions, the Asia Pacific nuts and seeds market led in 2014 and represented a share of more than 90%. This is owing to the rising consumption of nuts and seeds within China and India. There is a high prevalence of diabetes as well as obesity in the region of North America. This is why there is an increased preference for healthy foods in North America. Thus, Asia Pacific was trailed by the region of North America constituting the second-largest share in the market for nuts and seeds in the same year. 
  • Decreasing Demand for GMO Crops may Hamper Growth: Nowadays, farmers in a number of countries are inclined toward harvesting genetically modified (GMO) crops. This is owing to the fact that GMO crops present weed-resistance and are also able to survive detrimental environmental conditions, thus raising the crop production. But, the intake of GMO crops, especially seeds including soybean and maize or corn is said to be toxic for human health. This factor may pose a major threat to the growth of this market in forthcoming years.
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