Think you’re Attractive? You Get a Free Meal!

Published By : 14 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

If you thought restaurants take marketing and promotions too seriously, this bizarre promotional strategy will either anger you or impress you. A Korean food restaurant in Zhengzhou, China, has introduced a novel marketing technique under which it offers free meals to attractive customers. 


The restaurant in central Henan province has announced that each day for the month of February, 50 of its most good-looking diners will get free food. When customers enter the restaurant, they will have their face scanned which will be sent to a group of plastic surgeons at a nearby clinic. The staff at the clinic will judge the diners on the basis of their looks, taking into account the customers’ eyes, faces, mouth, and noses. Jeju Island, the restaurant offering the discount, is looking to promote the plastic surgery clinic.


After the assessment by the plastic surgeons, the five diners with the highest marks every half hour will not have to pay for their food. 


This is not the first Chinese restaurant to put forth a deal such as this. In 2014, a different restaurant gave free food to its customers on another gimmick. The Na Huo food joint in south-west China offered a deal wherein any male weighing more than 140 kg and any female weighing less than 34.5kg ate for free. So in the case of men, as their weight increased, so did their discount and for women, as their weight reduced, so did the cut-off in the cost of food. The Chongqing restaurant, of course, was met with a lot of criticism and controversy for this deal.

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