TheSkimm Finally Launches its News Service for Android Devices

Published By : 13 Jun 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

TheSkimm, a media company founded by former TV news producers, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, has finally launched its service in the form of a mobile app for Android devices. The company is best known for its newsletter, and mainly summarizes its top news and highlights from the earlier day.

More Information about TheSkimm’s Entry into Android

The service was earlier available on iPhone. Its new presence in Android devices now combines a mobile version of the newsletter with important events laid out in a calendar format, and crucial and immediate releases of events with their updates. The app also will provide weekly audio episodes that are focused on difficult and complex topics, under a new feature called ‘TextSkimm’.

This feature now enables mobile app subscribers to send a text to the company directly for receiving information about several important decisions they are making. For example, such decisions might deal with investing, asking for a raise, and other healthcare options. In this context, TheSkimm competes with other self-improvement-via-text services startups. Shine is one such startup that acts as a prime competitor of the company.

TheSkimm is backed up by at least US$29 million in the form of outside capital as of recent times. The organization’s main aim is to discuss key news events and complex topics by laying them on a rich background, thus attracting a large number of people. This makes it easier for readers to understand what exactly is going on in the world, and why it matters, even if they are not watching detailed news on the TV or even in newspapers.

The company ensures that the tone of its newsletters is quite humorous and appropriate. TheSkimm’s core product is email newsletter. However, their services have also expanded into native apps that include features such as calendar, notes, and texting.

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