The Rising Popularity of Instant Beverage Premixes in a Health-Conscious Society

Published By : 12 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Instant beverage premixes, concentrated forms of different drinks that are ready to drink by heating or just adding water, have gained popularity over the past few years thanks to growing health awareness and busy lifestyles. These products have also garnered a lot of attention owing to innovative packaging techniques that make them easily accessible and more attractive. 

Instant tea and coffee have witnessed the greatest demand owing to their health benefits and also their presence and significance in traditional breakfast meals. Instant coffee is presently the most demanded instant beverage thanks to widespread popularity. The unprecedented popularity of tea in Asian countries has made tea the second largest instant beverage in the world. Europe also forms a major market for tea. Soups form the third largest segment in terms of revenue.

Rising health awareness among the global consumer has greatly impacted the demand for instant beverage premixes such as soups, health drinks, and even milk. Apart from the health benefits and the convenience that instant beverage premixes present, their growing availability in modern shopping avenues such as hypermarkets and supermarkets has resulted in high product visibility. Online shopping channels in developing nations has also largely catered to the demand for instant beverage premixes over recent times. The average customer in Latin America, Asia Pacific, North Africa, and the Middle East have easier access to online channels now more than ever. Grocery portals offer a wide range of nonperishable packaged foods, which include instant beverage premixes. This has resulted in rising online purchases of these products. 

This increasing prevalence of ecommerce has attracted large and small players to capitalize on the growing demand for instant beverage premixes and companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Starbucks Corporation, Monster Beverage Co., and PepsiCo Inc. have managed to expeditiously expand their customer base.

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