The Project of Suhua Highway Experiences Appended Delays in Construction

Published By : 24 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Suhua Highway Improvement Project which had to be completed in 2018 may be postponed after there were archaeological vestiges still found in the areas of construction. Construction workers discovered proof of archeological remains that specialists say could be 2,000 years old, found right after the Neolithic Age. The unearthing zone covers a region of 300 meters and is seen as a potential archeological leap forward because of its generally in place substance. Academia Sinica’s archeological researchers demonstrate that the burrow incorporates a few in place abodes and more than 100 human remains. 

The site research could yield more data about the Shihsanhang society. As stated by a researcher the time intensive unearthing procedure could take numerous years since machinery that is heavy would be needed, and the sites have to be saved from the impacts of climate. The NT$46.5 billion undertaking was begun in 2011 following quite a while of planning and has confronted criticism from environmentalists who contend the venture would build traffic and pollution in Taiwan's least populated locale. 

The local people from this area refer to the changes as being basic to street security since the course is customarily inclined to avalanches because of it being positioned along mountain precipices. Areas of the interstate are frequently closed amid tropical storms and times of exuberant downpour. The change incorporates a few key scaffolds and mountain passages including areas from Nanao to Heping, Heping to Daqingshui, and Suao to Dongao.

In the interim, a mishap including a passenger car and a truck brought about three injuries at the 123.7 kilometer stretch, close to the Xinao Tunnel yesterday, on the highway. Authorities are examining whether speeding or path changes had caused this mishap.
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