The Peak Association Calls for a Deadlock in an Open Letter

Published By : 30 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In the last week the Government by all means gave a rejection to a proposal which was presented by Clean Energy Council for a compromise on the RET.

A group of top business associations which includes Clean Energy Council (CEC), the Business Council of Australia, and Energy Users Association of Australia had given a warning that time was going out of hand.

The letter provided specifies that ‘The CEC compromise’ is providing a firm base for a fast negotiated result.

It further stated that the ambiguity of this unresolved issue is going to face a material and detrimental impact on the broader business community, the renewable energy sector, and the traditional energy sector energy users. This impact is expected to rise substantially if the issue doesn’t get resolved.

These kinds of impacts are anticipated to hit the energy concentrated aluminum market the hardest at the initial stage.

AAC - The Australian Aluminum Council stated that in such cases they would be forced to pay an amount in between US$50 million and US$80 million in RET liabilities if the proper legislation does not pass till March 31.

In this case, the Government along with the Opposition has made a mutual agreement to exempt the energy concentrated aluminum market from the strategy, however the concession would not be paid attention till the time agreement has reached on the size of the target.

The mentioned open letter was signed by the Australian Aluminum Council along with Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council and Cement Industry Federation. The letter further states that they believe that a mutually negotiated result is acceptable to both the sides which is important and can be achieved.
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