The North Korea Consumer Goods Industry Exhibits Remarkable Growth

Published By : 21 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

To most developed countries, North Korea comes within the category of the poor countries of the world. In North Korea, malnutrition has been a chronic issue and continues to be one as well. However, it has been observed that in recent years, the affordability amongst the masses of North Korea has been increasing significantly. Goods which were not accessible to the public due to poor economic conditions are now affordable to most North Koreans. 

Although there is a certain section of the population that is still concerned about survival and basic necessities, the other section of the population can think of leading a more or less comfortable life. One of the key indicators of such a development is the fact that the total number of household equipment that are being purchased by North Koreans is increasing and has been increasing over the past couple of years. 

Major changes started taking place after the serious famine that had hit North Korea in early 2000. There was a survey that was conducted in 2013 by South Korea’s Energy Economics Institute pertaining to the presence of Korean refugees of China and South Korea. Even though this survey failed to attract the necessary attention on the demand for domestic electric equipment, the other results that were derived from the survey were very interesting and insightful. 

As per the survey, the total number of TV sets owned by the masses in Pyongyang had reached 105%, and in the country side the use of TVs had almost reached a 100%. This also indicates that while on the one hand there are families that can afford TV sets, there are various well-to-do families that can afford to purchase even two TV sets. 
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