The Loopholes in Net Neutrality Could Enable Telecom and Cable Operators to Make Billions of Money

Published By : 02 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

New rules that focus on protecting the directness of the Internet will permit cable groups and telecom operators to prioritize and make potentially huge income from various types of data, having expected clashes with regulators in the near future. Telecom providers such as Vodafone and AT&T have persuaded the U.S. and the European regulators, to finalize the so called net neutrality policies, to permit them to contribute network capability to services such as facilitating the exchange of medical data between healthcare professionals and patients and delivering connectivity to driverless cars.

If it proves to be a dodge or an essential security will be determined later only. The market will be able to create such dedicated services as long as they do not harm the delivery of the normal internet to houses and businesses. The enterprises foresee such services could garner billions in revenue in one day as daily tasks are greatly connected to the web.

The telecom and the cable providing companies argue that being able to charge for various services and speeds would assist fund network upgrading and develop novel industrial usages for the web like smart electricity meters. The Silicon Valley and the net neutrality activists oppose this rule and state that this kind of treatment would direct to a 2 speed system wherein cable groups and telecom providers could prioritize their own content and press out the start-ups who are unable to pay.

A net neutrality advocate at a consultancy named Rewheel Ltd in Finland, Mr. Antonios Drossos, stated that the European regulators and the U.S. FCC would handle the issue of what was allowed under dedicated services based on case by case.
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