The J-10B Fighter Jet Finally Gets Introduced in the Chinese Air Force

Published By : 04 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The J-10B fighter aircraft will soon be introduced in China’s air force. This military jet is by far the most advanced category of aircrafts ever manufactured by the country. Several military websites have been showcasing the pictures of all the fourteen aircrafts situated outside a factory area which is unknown. As per industry experts, the fact that these aircrafts are painted in gray point out that these jets will most probably be handed over the air force of the People’s Liberation Army. The ownership of these photos has yet not been claimed by any particular body or organization. However, it has been concluded that these pictures were taken by enthusiasts of Chinese aviation sometime in January or perhaps December.

According to industry specialists, the J-10B jet aircrafts will soon be introduced in the air force and will be coupled with heavy duty J-11 twin engine and also with the 5th generation stealth war aircraft, J-20. It is also anticipated that this will be launched in the air force over the next few years. This conclusion came after it was observed that the air force of the People’ Liberation Army and the latest news about the aircraft concluding various tests. Furthermore, sources have also expressed that it is feasible and possible that the upgraded version of the J-10B will be decided upon by the navy with a view to serving on an amphibious war ship or for that matter even an aircraft carrier. 

As per a senior researcher, the J-10 variety will be created as a multitask platform which can not only be used for sea bed operations but can also carry out strikes that are air-to-ground. The current fighter variant exhibits greater capacity by almost 30% of the total capacity. 
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