The First Developer Preview of Android P Is Out and It Does Look Quite Promising

Published By : 08 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Exactly like what Google did in the last couple of years, the tech giant has again launched the developer preview of the next Android version, which is for now called Android P. However, a lot of work is still in progress and the version will not be released into the public Android beta channel yet.

The Future of Android Just Became Bigger and Smarter

In the current stage, developers are testing all the features and apps planned to be a part of Android P, ensuring that they all are compatible with the system.  Most of new updates are pretty discrete and no user-facing design changes are being planned as of now. The new features are projected to make it easier for developers to create modern apps for Android devices in future.

Android P has included a built-in support system for notches, which are similar to the cutouts Apple had designed in case of the iPhone X. Apps such as Doze, Background Limits, App Standby are expected to get a few major updates. New privacy features are also being anticipated to be present in Android P, which could probably restrict access to camera, microphone, and sensors from apps. Google is also planning to introduce encrypted Android backups that can provide better security. Introducing per-network randomization with respective MAC address is another feature being planned to be introduced in future.

From a media perspective, Android P would include a built-in support system for HDR VP9 Profile 2 which would make it possible for playing HDR-enabled movies devices equipped with necessary hardware. This in-built support system can also help you play images in the popular high efficiency image file format (HEIF), which is expected to make the JPEG format obsolete. In case of Android P. Developers can use more efficient tools to handle bitmap images and drawables due to ImageDecode, which is a replacement for the currently used BitMapFactory object.

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