The Dual-Screen YotaPhone from Russia will Soon Debut in China

Published By : 12 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Russian phone maker of dual screen phone called Yota has signed a deal to sell its largest YotaPhone 2 model with a major Chinese electronics distributor. The distributor will sell this model across China during this quarter of the year.

The first consignment of these phones for distributor called Potevio is anticipated to be around 1 million units. However, these exact figure sand the total value of the contract have not been disclosed yet. This contract is one of the largest ever occurred between a Russian high tech supplier of equipment and a Chinese electronics distributor, was said by both the companies in a joint statement recently. Potevio will deliver marketing support for this new phone through the country.

Under this deal, the YotaPhone model 2 is going to come with a range of popular Chinese apps that are adapted for the phone’s always on screen. Also, the Russian electronics manufacturer said that it has built a tailored localized version of their YotaPhone2, which is specially designed to run on China’s fast mobile broadband network – LTE (Long-term Evolution). Furthermore, Yota devices are also one of the Russia’s established tech enterprises which began in 2011 year. After two years it revealed a Russian-developed world’s first double sided smartphone that featured an electronic paper display on its back.

This second generation of phone was launched in 2014 in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. The leader Xi Jinping in China received its first phone after the Russia’s President presented them a YotaPhone2 during an Asia Pacific Summit in Beijing.
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