The Boom in Energy Industry

Published By : 12 Dec 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Fortunately, a cool temperament was maintained within the Congress of Nevada that helped the working families to save and come to a sane understanding in terms of utility bills. Otherwise, today, the families would have been levied with excessive payments and much higher prices at the pump and on their house utility bills. 

It is due to the Obama administration and active supporters such as Harry Reid and Sen who have imparted their hard work towards the nation’s energy sector and made it fully-operative. Various techniques such as new taxes, timely regulation, and stalling tactics on promising job-creating infrastructure projects such as Keystone XL pipeline were implied in the process. 

The main reason Congress has not imposed tens of billions of dollars in the new oil and gas taxes is because people’s perception about the White House campaign was often seen through as patently political. Moreover, there are no exclusive tax breaks or subsidies claimed for domestic energy producers. 

The most evident case documented in the energy sector is the North Dakota, which being in the middle of the energy boom and creating thousands of new jobs and surpluses for government budgets at every level, was led to a jobless rate of three percent. 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the worst state that is undergoing unemployment is the state of Nevada, the official recorded rate of unemployment is 9.5 percent. This has caused many Nevadans to leave the state and work in places like Texas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states where the energy sector is advancing. 

Nevada ultimately needs a resort, and only new taxes, and needless political regulations will be able to help it grow and expand. 

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