The Biggest Automotive Letdowns for the Indian Consumer in 2014

Published By : 02 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

As the year 2014 has ended, it is time to analyze markets and see the hits and misses. For the Indian automotive industry, the year 2014 remained a year of hits and misses as well. Balancing out the positives, though, were the notable negatives listed below.

1. Triumph’s PS Misadventures: Triumph’s two deplorable decisions were at the heart of this mid-2014 disaster for the British bike manufacturer. First of all, Triumph detuned their European-spec engines for sale in India, resulting in a power figure 6-8 PS lower than advertized. A worse blunder, though, was putting up the Street Triple for sale in India with an advertized power of 110 PS while selling the 85 PS model, which was further detuned by 6 PS. So when the rumors surfaced, it looked like Triumph had actually detuned the 110 PS engine to produce 79 PS. This was a major disaster, and one from which Triumph India many never recover.

2. Suzuki Inazuma GW250: Suzuki finally released this bland model in 2014, having already poisoned the minds of the targeted buyers with quite a lot of hemming and hawing and pushing back deadlines. When it was eventually released, its generic looks made it an absolute no-brainer to pick the Honda CB250R or the KTM Duke 200 (or even 390) over the Suzuki.

3. No Jeep in India: After much deliberation, FIAT finally decided against launching the world-famous Jeep brand in India. The talks seemed to have gone well, with Jeep CEO Mike Manley having visited India in an effort to spice up the publicity. Indian customers live to fight another day for the well-known brand of off-road cars.
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