Thailand Foresees a Future of 1 GW Solar Power Capacity

Published By : 20 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Zhongli Talesun, Chinese cell and solar module manufacturer announced the beginning of the new manufacturing unit construction that will be located in Rayong, the Thai-China Industrial Park, at Thailand. 

The new manufacturing unit will incorporate fully automated techniques of production with a 500 MW production capacity annually. The manufacturing unit will begin its operation on October 2015. Zhongli Telsun is aiming to integrate the process of its manufacturing unit with advanced technology that will facilitate the production of high-performing solar modules and cell. 

Apart from the construction of the new facility for manufacturing, Zhongli Talesun also has plans to build a photovoltaic solar power plant that will have production capacity accounting for more than 1 GW in the next 3 years in Thailand. The company intends to make investments worth $2.4 billion on the construction of the solar PV power plants across Thailand. 

Zhongli Talesun pioneers in the manufacture of solar PV products, optical fibers, and special kinds of cables. The company at present has 2GW annual production capacity. It gets the equipments for manufacture from Japan, Germany, and Italy. 

The project has immense potential, as quoted by sources. It has been welcomed by several financial institutions and the Thai Government who also offered to support the operations at any level when needed. 

Thailand offers great potential for the development of solar energy markets across South East Asia. The country in fact is native to the fastest growing markets for solar energy in the region. The fertile economic landscape of the country with respect to solar market has encouraged many private businesses to establish solar energy projects in different regions of Thailand.
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