Teslas Gigafactory will be a Net Zero Energy Building

Published By : 17 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tesla is building its Gigafactory, which is projected to be one of the largest buildings in the world after its completion. This factory will be manufacturing batteries and is based in Nevada. A lot has been discussed about the size of the Gigafactory; however, one of the less talked about aspect of the Tesla’s Gigafactory is that it is going to be a net zero energy building (NZEB). The factory will have carbon neutral operations.

Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel provided many details on how the factory will work. The most visible thing Tesla will be doing is covering the complete site with solar power. The entire roof of the factory was designed keeping solar energy in mind. All the mechanical equipment will be kept off the roof. The CTO also mentioned in his talk to the University of Nevada that they will put extra penetrations via the roof of the structure that they did not need and it’s a highly clean surface that they can completely cover in solar. In addition to this, they will also use the surrounding hillsides not suitable for any functions to create solar power.

This energy saving building model is possible for many other factories too. It might not be to this extent; however, many new factories that are being planned today can consider installing solar panels or other equipment to save energy. Most of the rooftops of buildings tend to go unused and this waste of space can be efficiently used to create energy.

The Gigafactory will also be able to manage emissions effectively. According to the CTO, they will not be burning any fossil fuels in the factory. They are not going to install a natural gas pipeline in their coming factory. This helped them to think of other energy alternatives.

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