Tesla Reveals Electric Semi Truck with Autopilot Features

Published By : 17 Nov 2017 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. is putting his best foot forward in showing the world why should his master plan of electrifying all the major forms of land transport be taken seriously.

The chief executive officer of the company was at the unveiling of Tesla Semi at an event conducted near Los Angeles late Thursday (November 16, 2017). The manufacturers of electric cars provided a paltry detail ahead of Musk’s remarks, waiting for Musk himself to announce information such as price, production plans, price, and range. The company did admit that the new truck will provide ‘Autopilot’ safety feature such as a lane keeping system and automatic braking.

It is vital for Musk that this semi-truck gets a positive response from the masses. Tesla has seen some hindrances about the overall sales of its Model 3 sedan – a first car Tesla is trying to produce on mass scale and commercialize it for a mainstream customers. With bottlenecks of battery undercutting output, the main pitchman and CEO of the company is trying to recreate the hype about another important and future product that has the ability to generate more revenue for the company.

The truck is also very crucial for the mission of Musk. While passenger cars powered with battery are the talk of the town, electrifying the big automobiles would make the actual difference Musk wants to make i.e. to clean up the transportation segment. The urgency to switch from the emission spreading diesel engines is particularly critical in California. Thus, launching the semi-truck has become a matter of high importance for Musk. 

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