Tesla May Need to Raise Additional Funds for its Business Battery Market

Published By : 12 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Investors at Tesla are quite confident when it comes to the upcoming prospects that its latest business venture has to offer. This business pertains to the battery and home business. Several industry experts have pointed out that the company is slowly reaching a position wherein it will require to raise some more money for the business to grow and be sustainable in the long run. 

The optimism about investor confidence came from the time when the company declared the positive outlook on its share prices on the 30th of April this year. Back then, the company also stated that it would soon be selling the batteries for utilities, businesses, and even homes. In fact, the shares of Tesla have gone up from being US$230 to a bit more than US$240. An analyst at Morgan Stanley stated that had the investors at Tesla been informed a few years back about such as development, the company would have reached US$1.5 billion by now even before 2020. 

And even the stock prices would have been quite less than US$100. In the 1st quarter, the total net loss suffered by Tesla was US$154 million. Experts have also noted that the key point lacking has been the enthusiasm with regard to the exploitable market opportunity that exists for Tesla, which pertain to transportation, energy, and other products that the company has to offer. 

Tesla also declared that it would soon be setting up Tesla Energy which would aim at selling commercial Powerpack and residential Powerwall batteries which will be meant for energy storage from renewable sources and also solar panels. This will ensure efficient storage of energy when costs of energy are low and utilize the same when the price and demand for electricity are surging. 
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