Tesla Car Owners Exempted of $12,000 License-Plate Fee in Shanghai

Published By : 29 Oct 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In a move to promote adoption of new-energy based vehicles, Shanghai city has decided to exempt Tesla Motors Inc. car owners from paying the usual US$12,000 fee required for earning license plates. Tesla Motors Inc. car owners can now register their cars for free.

Already, nearly 400 such individuals have received free license plates in a move that can be considered as felicitating individuals who have chosen to go for an eco-friendly technology. The news was shared by Ma Jing, vice director of the economy and information commission of municipal government.

A similar policy, of giving free license plates to Tesla owners, is also employed by the Hangzhou city; the automaker is in talks with other cities as well for getting this exemption. China is facing the issue of heavy pollution and constantly worsening traffic congestion. To apply remedial measures that could help contain these issues, many cities in China are taking steps to restrict the number of new vehicles on roads.

At the same time, the central government in China is also promoting the use of vehicles that use alternate methods of energy for operating, such as electrically operating engine. The country is employing these methods to improve on two fronts: cutting down emissions and reducing country’s dependency on fuel imports.

The move to exempt license-plate fees has made it easier for Tesla to expand its share in the market of luxury cars. Tesla had started the delivery of its Model S cars in China this April. The carmaker is making many strategic decisions and moves that would allow the company to match its China sales with its sales in the U.S.
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