Tesla 3 Model review - A Victory in The Autonomous Car Market

Published By : 09 Mar 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Ever since Elon Musk revolutionized the autonomous car industry when the Tesla models began production since few years back. An extensive interest from potential consumers in these cars has risen, and is expected to do so with the recently launched Tesla 3 Model.

The Exuberant Joy of Driving the Tesla 3

After this vehicle was launched last year, several people have managed to take its test ride, and here an overall review of these rides as has briefly presented. The Tesla 3 is all electric rear-wheel model, which provides split-second acceleration the moment one touches the accelerator pedal. The car is literally known to hug the road, which helps a lot when it comes to handling tight corners. The vehicle can swiftly run on curvy roads too.

The driver can quickly achieve desired speed due to the instant acceleration provided by the vehicle. Taking the highway into consideration, the Autopilot mode works just fine, and is effective both on crowded roads as well as roads having least number of cars driving alongside the Tesla. Nearly every report indicates the sheer driving pleasure that a person would get while operating the Tesla Model 3. This all electric model is one of a kind in the world of autonomous cars, wherein Tesla Inc. has imparted most focus on the driving experience rather than just stuffing a vehicle with gadgets.

The vehicle is equipped with a minimalistic cockpit design which display all the instrumentation and information on a 16 inch touchscreen panel. This panel is placed in the center portion of the dashboard. A part of the screen shows crucial vehicle related information to the driver, whereas the remaining space showcase maps, car settings, media options, and other options. Regarding interface, the driver as well as the passenger has a clear view of the road. However, operating the panel screen is quite complex, and requires some practice before getting used to it properly.

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