Tenor to launch Google-powered GIF Searches through LinkedIn

Published By : 12 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tenor will be powering exclusive GIF searches through LinkedIn messaging service, thereby expanding its already large portfolio of services that consist of numerous messaging platforms.

More Information about Tenor Powering GIF Searches

Everyone knows that Tenor is a popular GIF search tool, which works across a number of platforms. Its work ranges from use of its own keyboard to famous applications such as Facebook Messenger. Therefore, it wasn’t really a surprise when Google decided to acquire the company in March. According to Tenor, it has powered more than 12 billion GIF billion searches every month. Coincidently, this search volume is exactly what Google deals with on a regular basis, when it comes to searching information through users spread all across the globe.

In a similar context, LinkedIn also provides an entry point to a different platform when a need is felt to use variations in terms of GIF search. Thus, such a GIF search will be incorporated in LinkedIn messaging through the Google’s GIF engine Tenor, in order to boost the app’s efficiency. The new engine will be available for about 50% users, and this number is predicted to increase gradually. In this way, LinkedIn will get a robust GIF search platform embedded in its system, consequently making it easier to find trending GIFs. Looking for a custom trending stream on the basis of GIFs found on a frequent basis on the network is also possible by this new update.

The rising importance of GIFs in today’s social media world was one of the first caused to make LinkedIn introduce them. A high dependency on Tenor also shows how it is the most preferred platform, when it comes to GIF search. Looking it from Google’s perspective, introduction of Tenor to LinkedIn has been a good win for the tech giant, especially when it is looking forward to expand it search-based capabilities into other areas of the Internet.

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