Tendeka Successfully Tested Cloud-based Smart Oil Completion System

Published By : 31 Jan 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Smart communication technologies continue to have a profound impact on exploration and production activities in the oil and gas sector. Of particular interest is the use of wireless communication technologies in facilitating the early stage installations in active oil wells, with an aim to improve recovery. To this end, funding are being made for trails in developed regions to test wireless completion systems powered by cloud, which makes worldwide sharing of the data and results a reality. A global completions service company, Tendeka, announced in January, 2018 that it recently completed field testing of its smart completions technology powered by cloud in a flowing oil gas. In two-week trial, the company specializing in offering advanced solutions for production optimization in reservoirs successfully demonstrated the efficacy of its installed PulseEight downhole device and the associated surface system. The trail confirmed the success of using its two-way wireless communication in the active gas well, apart from the functionality of real-time sharing of data through cloud.

The trial was completed with active efforts from OMV Group, Vienna-based integrated oil and gas company, with funding support from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre based in the U.K.

Cloud-powered Wireless Completion System to Optimize Recovery from Active Reservoirs

According to Tendeka, its downhole device and the surface system, PulseEight, stands as the first cloud-powered wireless smart completion system to be used in oil and gas sector for optimizing well planning and recovery. The system uses pressure pulse telemetry for enabling wireless communication system between the monitoring and control system at the downhole and the wellhead. Furthermore, the system autonomously monitors surface choke at the wellhead.

The PulseEight system can be used as a distinct surface unit powered by cloud data sharing capabilities. Alternatively, it can be embedded on the already used oil well control systems. Tendeka continue to develop the technology with an objective to commercialize it and apply it for developing advanced products used in the oil and gas exploration, production, and recovery.

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