Telecommunications Fraud in Nairobi Targeted Chinese

Published By : 08 Dec 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to Mao Yizong, a Chinese Embassy spokesman, about 70 Chinese individuals arrested in Nairobi are a part of some cross-border telecommunications fraud. He further added that the group uses communication equipment to cheat and call their targets who are mainly Chinese.

Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson stated that both, Kenya and China enjoy a strong friendship, and the Chinese are whole-heartedly supporting the Kenyan in fighting every kind of criminal and illegal activities.

Mao further added, the criminals first assure the Chinese victims of frauds in their insurance companies, banks, and other such financial institutions and then to extract more money by posing as fake authorities and prosecutors. These groups of criminals then move countries or restart their operations in countries where people are not familiar with their modus operandi. This makes it easy to escape and avoid arrest.

On a positive note, Mao reported the Chinese police have made some arrests of suspects in Zhejiang Province, China. Some of these suspects, as of now, have confessed of belonging to a group of Nairobi.

He further added that the consular visits made by Chinese Embassy reported that the 77 arrested people weren’t very well educated, which goes to show that these people do not have the knowledge of indulging in cyber crimes or high security hacks like attacking ATM accounts, security networks, or disturbing the M-PESA network. The Embassy official for now have assumed that these individuals might have only made the calls to the victims by rehearsing the lines, while the larger master mind behind the crime remains free.
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