Telecom Italia SpA Rated 'Outperform' by RBC Capital (TI)

Published By : 02 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Recently, the analysts rated Telecom Italia SpA as ‘outperform’ at the RBC Capital. Initially Telecom Italia SpA was rated as ‘sector perform’, according to the reports presented by The Fly, on Tuesday. Telecom Italia SpA is a telecommunication and wireless company based in Italy. The company operates in mobile and fixed-line, national and international telecommunication and wireless sector. The activities of Telecom Italia SpA are divided mainly into five business units. 

Recently, shares of Telecom Italia SpA were traded down to US$11.91, which was a downfall by 1.65%. The stock of the company recorded a trading volume of around 45,791 shares. The 50-day moving average price of the company was around US$13.11 whereas the 200-day moving average price was amounted to US$12.39. With a market capitalization of US$23.03 billion, the company recorded a PE ratio of around 24.31. Telecom Italia SpA currently holds a 1-year high of US$13.69 and 1-year low of US$9.46. 

The domestic unit of Telecom Italia SpA provides telecommunication and wireless services such as data and telephone services on fixed line. Mobile services are offered by the Brazil unit by using Universal Mobile Telecommunications System as well as Global System for Mobile Communications technologies. Telecom Argentina supports the Argentina unit of the company to operate in fixed telecommunications. The Paraguay unit operates in many mobile telecommunications through Nucleo. The media unit of Telecom Italia SpA deals into multimedia music platforms, television broadcasting platforms, and satellite channels. The Olivetti unit of the company offers services for the Information Technology and office products. 

Recently, many equity analysts rated Telecom Italia SpA. Goldman Sachs downgraded the company from ‘conviction-buy’ to ‘buy’. Berenberg Bank cut their ratings for Telecom Italia SpA company from ‘buy’ to ‘hold. Jefferies Group rated Telecom Italia SpA as ‘hold’ while Macquarie rated the company as ‘neutral’. 
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