Telecom and Networking Market Betting of 5th Generation Wireless Networks

Published By : 09 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Major players in telecoms and networking industry are placing a bet on 5th generation wireless networks in a bid to ward off an attack by internet enterprises that terrorize their core business of connecting the masses. The market is still to figure out what 5th generation or 5G is infrastructure.

The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Mr. Tom Wheeler, described the uncertainty at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the previous week, stating that 5th generation was like a painting by artist Pablo Picasso.

Mr. Wheeler stated in a keynote at the yearly trade show for the telecom and tech markets that he sees something different from what others see and thinks that is where 5G is standing right now.

Yet networking and telecoms enterprises from across the globe, consisting of AT&T Inc., Ericsson Telefon AB based in Sweden, Deutsche Telekom based in Germany, and Huawei Technologies Co. based China are mixing up to paint a combined picture of what they wish that the next generation of wireless network will be, even as much of the world is still launching out the latest standard that is known as 4G.

Partnering groups of the U.S., the Asian and the European telcos, network equipment producers and research groups published 2 white papers on 5th generation in the previous week at the congress, highlighting a mobile future that shifts beyond solely faster download speeds. The market urgently requires to pool knowledge in development of 5th generation amidst the terror of Internet firms, telecoms executives states.
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