Techtextil 2015 to See Tanatex Chemicals’ Innovation Presentation

Published By : 10 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The Techtextil 2015 will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 4 to 7. One of the top developers in the textiles and chemicals industry, Tanatex Chemicals, has created an Express FR Concept, which allows a user to add their special flame retardant product directly to the dyebath. There is no need for extra finishing processes. The innovation could help in reducing the consumption of water, time, and energy.

Incorporating flame retardant properties into PES currently requires several processing methods that can eventually fulfill the original requirements. A majority of textiles are imparted with flame retardant properties in the finishing process and not in the dyeing process itself. Most companies prefer to use third party services for this purpose.

The new process, Express FR, is designed with the purpose of making flame retardant articles easier. This could offer more flexibility and control. The primary component of the innovation, FLAMEGARD PX, is a chemical designed for treating polyester in exhaust to obtain the flame retardant properties. Another product, called TANASPERSE OLG-PX, is a special emulsifying/dispersing product that is incorporated for optimal distribution.

The company Tanatex Chemicals offers a wide range of CosmetoTextile finishes. The company’s range of finishing products, TASTEX, is reported to provide multiple skin sensations. The BAYSCENT and TANA CARE ranges are based on essential ingredients, which are enclosed in minute shells known as microcapsules.

The special method of encapsulation enables a bounding capacity with the fiber, as said by the manufacturer. The wash durability of the effect lasts from 10 to 30 washes.
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