Technological Advancement Head-ups Industrial Processes, Power Tools from Smart and Decker to Redefine Electronics’ Capabilities

Published By : 22 Jan 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Power tools are indispensable for heavy duty work in the manufacturing and construction industries. Drilling, sanding, chiseling, and screw driving are some of the operations that power tools are utilized for the purpose of reducing workload and increasing output. 

In spite of the many advantages of power tools, battery life is a problem with these instruments that can disrupt a crucial task from completion. Thankfully, Black and Decker has given heads-up for this; the development of a Bluetooth connected Smartech batteries that can communicate with smartphones. The offerings of these batteries will be;

  • The battery signals in the instance of running low in charge
  • The battery has a locate feature in the instance if any pack is lost in the workshop
  • The battery is useful even when not in use – a USB port in the battery makes it utilizable as mobile power packs.

In the bid for improvement of smart tools, Black and Decker developed a smart battery instead of creating smart tools. The product set to be launched in the summer of 2016 will be priced at US$69, which is US$20 more than the price of a standard lithium-ion battery of 20V.

Urbanization in Asia Pacific Aiding Deployment of Mechanized Systems

Economic development in Asia Pacific will be a significant contributor to the global power tools market. In this region, rapid urbanization, increased access to information and knowledge, and newer ideas such as do it yourself (DIY) are reasons for the emerging self-sufficiency among consumers in this region. The utilization of power tools is a mark of growth in these countries and Asia Pacific held a share of more than 30% of the global market in 2014. China and India will exhibit the highest demand for power tools in the foreseeable years. In these countries, urbanization and changing lifestyle are the primary reasons for this.

In massive construction projects, power tools are used in order to bring process efficiency and completion of the work on time. Nevertheless, construction contractors that have limited funds can rent these instruments on a long-term lease, thus favoring the utilization of power tools. Some other applications, wherein power tools are utilized are aerospace, electronics, and automobile for the purpose of procedural efficiency.

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