Technological Addiction Reaching Epidemic Proportions

Published By : 11 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

When Taiwan recently banned kids of the age of two or less from using any kind of digital technology, the move was considered to be unprecedented. The move has come in the light of children accessing technology at a very early age. Teenagers as well as older children in Taiwan will also be restricted under severe laws which state that children 18 years of age or less will be allowed to use electronic devices for a reasonable amount of time. What constitutes as reasonable is yet to be decided and defined by law.

In case children break or refuse to abide by these laws, the parents of these kids will have to pay severe fines of close to 1,17US dollars. The decision to levy a fine in case of kids found flouting rules is in line with the usage of any illegal product or substance. The new rule is a way of limiting kids from possibly spending hours and hours in front of a screen.

Online and technological addiction among kids and teenagers in China has reached a point of epidemic proportions. The government in Taiwan is doing everything it can to avoid following in Chinas footsteps when it comes to this addiction. And Taiwan is not the only country to feel this way.

Everywhere around the world children using technology has become quite a cause for anxiety and caution. Lobby groups as well as governments have been making moves on an international scale to curb the ways kids can use technology. 

The Australian Council on Children and Media has, in an effort to control cyber bullying in Australia, been urging the government in the country to launch a debate that tackles or addresses the age at which children can own smartphones. Figures presently suggest that most of the kids in the country are given their first cell phone somewhere at the age of 10.
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