Technical Advances to Make Wind Power Workable Worldwide

Published By : 02 Jun 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Wind power is many a times described as relying on mature technology and in several context this is appropriate. However, today many well-known wind farms in the Europe and the United States are generating electricity at a lower cost compared to coal. Nevertheless, the several difficulties associated with wind energy generation remain. The way the wind turbines are build and the price of these turbines tend to determine how high the profitability of a wind farm can go. The cost of high wind turbine means that unless the wind is at a site which is quite strong there will remain a typically better way to spend money.

Furthermore, the wind is mature technology and has not yet reached an evolutionary dead end. Several incremental changes are capable of making the wind energy even more affordable in several cases and are already being tested.

The director at the Water Power Technologies Office and Department of Energy compared the wind power scenario with that of the car. According to the director, both are quite well understood technologies and effective products are present in the market, however, none of these technologies are at a dead end.

In spite of the progress, the wind sector currently accounts for less than five per cent of the overall electricity generated in the United States. This situation is in stark contrast with the potential of this region for wind power that is over 10 times more than the present electrical consumption. Part of the solution of the wind energy is to make lighter blade materials.
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