Tasmania will Continue to Expand its Wind Energy Sector

Published By : 14 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

In Tasmania, the views of the national government and its federal government are at odds. The Tasmanian government is insisting on supporting the development of renewable energy. On the contrary, the Federal Government is insisting that the Clean Energy Finance Corp. (CEFC) needs to stop investing money in the wind energy sector.

However, the energy minister of Tasmania, Mr. Matthew Groom played down the future impact of the country’s federal government’s initiative. He stated that the revised RET, i.e., renewable energy target of the country will help to encourage more investments and developments in this sector.

He further mentioned that the state government backs the renewable energy sector development plan. According to the minister, this backing is either for recognizing the ongoing significance of the country’s hydro power investment in Tasmania that the think plays a crucial role or whether that be in wind sector future development.

On the other hand, Tony Abbott, the Prime Minster stated that it was no secret that he wanted the 10 billion dollar worth of CEFC abolished. Nevertheless, the federal government of Tasmania wants the corporation to target on innovative and emerging technologies. However, the Tasmanian opposition accused the Prime Minister of not being updated about wind farms.

The spokesman representing the opposition, David Llewellyn stated that it was time for the state government to push back. He further said the Minster for Energy and Premier should be lobbying hard their federal counterparts in this matter. He also said that this demonstrates how out of touch the Prime Minster is in terms of renewable energy as he just dismissed the question of the most significant sources of renewable energy in the country, that is wind power.

Energy created from the wind farm such as Granville Harbor wind farm is expected to go the grid of Tasmania or sent to the mainland through Basslink.
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