Tasmania to Adopt Strategies to Expand in the Chinese Food Market

Published By : 02 Apr 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

National Farmers Federation Chief Executive Officer, Simon Talbot informed that he has a fixed agenda for the state while visiting Tasmania for addressing the Farmers and Graziers Association. He further stated that this is the place where he grew up and at Lower Barrington, his family –wife and four children operated a Murray Grey stud.

Simon Talbot stated that his agenda comprises additional direct flights from Tasmania to China, a supply and export clearance unit in Tasmania, and inclusion of an effective farmer brand of Australia. He said that the biggest challenge they are facing from the National Farmer’s point of view is to emerge with a new brand so that they can decide a premium price. He told that while visiting a supermarket in China, all one can see is the New Zealand Pure brand. 

He mentioned that when they take a look at the Australian produce and the market, all the states are doing good. However, we need to focus on the Chinese consumers and need to know what they really want. They also need to develop brands which they can present in the Chinese market. After an extensive research of the Chinese market, Mr. Simon Talbot said that they now have an idea of the Chinese consumers and what they expect from the Australian produce. He informed that the National Farmers Federation has been actively involved in the negotiations regarding China – Australia Free Trade Agreement, which will be the new beginning.

He further informed that they are trying to work with the Chinese custom officials and the AQIS so that they can remove the non-tariff barriers so as to make the whole process seamless and risk free.
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