Tariffs Imposed by Canada on Imports of Solar Equipment from China

Published By : 10 Mar 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A trade conflict between China and Canada has got escalated after the latter has finally approved a set of duties that are to be levied on imports of solar equipment from China. As per importers, this trade related dispute revolves around solar equipment that are essentially below-cost parts and components. Companies such as Trina Solar Solar Ltd. and JinkoSolar Holding Co. necessarily have to sell goods in Canada. This statement was disclosed by a news agency’s website. 

According to an official at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, earlier a set of duties were imposed with regard to unfair trade activities that were carried out. These duties were decided on and implemented by this agency. The Canadian International Trade Tribunal is basically a judicial body that overlooks global trade conflicts and related disputes. A senior official also stated that these duties which are basically provisional in nature will soon be collected. By the time the investigation comes to an end, and if the CBSA and the tribunal determine that the margins in question pertaining to dumping had not been established in a proper way, the provisional duties which were collected will get reimbursed by the CBSA. 

As on February 3rd, the tribunal had stated during an initial ruling pertaining to the subsidization of solar equipment coming from China acts as a certain risk for the domestic industrial set up. Also, in October, there were four manufacturers from Ontario that had lodged a complaint. On investigating, it was observed that the share of China of imports of Canada had risen to approximately 85% during the period between 2013 October and 2014 September. Earlier in 2012, this figure was somewhere around 56%.
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