Tap Bio Helps Users Create Multiple Links on Instagram Profile

Published By : 06 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tap Bio is helping users create various slides or cards that comprise multiple links, which could be added to their respective profiles corresponding to the latest Instagram posts. Tap Bio is already considered to act as a powerful tool for social media regulars, digital entrepreneurs, and anyone else who want to market themselves on platforms such as Instagram.

More Tap Bio’s Link Addition System

The focus of Instagram is to portray a sense of awe and beauty and not clicks. However, the ‘link in bio’ trend exists for people who want to extensively promote their profiles. The users can change their profile link depending on where they want to send it to people, who in turn are expected to click on the link, thereby taking them to the profile. However, users reading older posts might become confused, when the link in bio has changed to something totally unrelated.

However Tap Bio promises to solvse this issue by letting users create different cards which can be visible to their mini-sites. The Tap Bio itself needs to be set up on the users’ Instagram Profiles. A user can create two columns which recent Instagram posts that can instantly open up links desired to be paired up. Another card might help open visual full-screen profiles with links connecting other social media preferences, such as on Twitter and YouTube. Another option involves depicting a single link-based call to action page, if the users want to promote more than one aspect of their work.

Tap Bio is free for those who want to add a single profile card along with one other card option. For more facilities, a $5 charge per month is applicable for those who want three extra analytics plus more. Whereas, a $12 per month charge gives access to unlimited cards spread across three different Instagram accounts. In this case, discounts are also available to those opting for yearly billing.

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