Tangerine Digital Entertainment launches customized digital marketing services to help travel industry

Published By : 06 Nov 2013 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Tangerine Digital Entertainment, a digital content management company has recently launched customized digital marketing services to assist several travel companies in enhancing their wide customer engagement across different digital platforms. The company is willing to offer many travel companies in India a broad range of online content marketing spectrum services like content management, content creation, content aggregation, and user-generated content management. It has also established a separate department that is solely dedicated to travel-related and management services. 


According to the growth statistics recorded by Tangerine Digital Entertainment for advancing technology and social media, it is noted that many Indian travelers rely on the digital platforms for data. These records are reiterated by a recent post released by Ipsos, which states that nine out of ten (which is about 88 percent) of the total population are online consumers in India. As compared to 71 percent of the global population, Indian online consumers share maximum content on social media websites. 


This has driven Tangerine Digital to launch customized bouquet of services in the travel industry and empower brands equipped with destination guides and videos, travelogues, expert reviews and ratings, advanced photo shoots, celebrity feeds, user-generated content, itineraries, travel blogs, hotel descriptions and traveler reviews.


Kesavan Kanchi Kandadai, CEO, Tangerine Digital Entertainment, said that since the travel industry majorly depends on the reviews, spread of opinions, and word of mouth on digital platforms, it is vital in this modern age for all brands to connect digitally and satisfy customer needs at every stage. This is precisely what Tangerine Digital’s bouquet of services does. It allows travel companies to benefit compelling content and maintain its brand loyalty. The company mainly focuses on drawing those travel companies which have a strong online presence. However, it is also hard-pressed on bringing in offline travel companies to create a definite online presence for them.


Kandadai also said that the travel industry is the inspiration for digital media, and with the rapid rise in Internet penetration, this paradigm shift is seen emerging in most parts of the world. He also added saying, there is a good opportunity for Indian travel companies to engage with potential and present users. Today, the scope for digital marketing solutions in India is extremely high because the digital media penetration is one of the highest in the Indian travel market. 


People all over the world love to travel, irrespective of cultural differences and time zones. And in developed markets like U.S., the digital platform is undoubtedly one of the core factors of the travel industry. Hence, digital media can cater penetration to such travel communities across the world, provided it is used in the most effective way.

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