Taiwan and China Enhance FDA Powers, Plan to Strengthen Food Safety Laws

Published By : 28 Jul 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Taiwan and China have increased the powers of their respective FDAs in order to make them more efficient in ensuring food safety and protecting against food fraud, as per a panel discussion at IFT15, titled “Where Science Feeds Innovation”, which was hosted by the IFT in Chicago.

Mr. Zheng Chen, member of the International division at the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology, stated that food fraud is a significant food safety issue across the globe, but is a severe problem in China. The government of China has decided to apply robust measures and apt strategies to fight against food fraud in the country.

He also highlighted some historical cases of food fraud in China. In one case, adulterated liquor was made by using industrial methanol. Another case was of starch-based infant formulas. Once, fox meat was being sold in the name of mutton in China. The recent strategies to Guard China against food fraud were determined in a presentation, which created by Dr. Chen Junshi, member of the National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment of China. The presentation consisted of the black list prepared by Ministry of Health, Government of China for the year 2015. 24 categories of non-alcoholic substances, ranging from boric acid, to dyes to opium are determined in the list as prohibited ingredients in food items.

Taiwan is another country facing severe food fraud. The country’s government has recently bestowed its FDA to increase the quality control measures for the safety of the imported food products, especially because the self-sufficiency of the country has dropped to 33%, as per the executive director, the International Life Sciences Institute, Taiwan, Ms. Jenny Chang Yueh-Ing.
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