SunOpta to Soon Receive its first USDA-verified Label of Non-GMO

Published By : 18 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The publicly traded company known about its organic food processing called SunOpta has been able to persuade the federal government that its process for detecting the GMO or genetically modified crops is very effective an should be allowed to label ingredients from one of its plants based in Minnesota as free from such alterations.

This organization is based in Toronto however has its facilities majorly in United States and specialized in processing, sourcing, and packing of certified organic an natural food products which are sold in places such as Traders Joe’s and Whole Foods Market. Nevertheless, the US Department of Agriculture is not yet certifying the company’s ingredients are GMO free, instead it is certifying the company’s process which ensures that the corn and soy and plans to process its plant are not genetically altered varieties in Hope Minn.

This decision was noted in a monthly email to the Secretary of Agriculture called Vilsack who send it to the employees. This email reported on Thursday said the the USDA will be soon disclosing a brand new labeling program.

According to Vilsack, though the Process Verified Program is itself not a new one, it is the first one to claim non-GMO/GE via the United States Department of Agriculture. Further details will soon be announced and many companies have already lined up to take advantage of this service.
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