Summergate to Join Importers focusing more on Chinese Wines

Published By : 05 Aug 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Summergate Fine Wines and Spirits is the very first distributor of Kanaan Winery in the China wine market. This is proof to the fact that the total number of wine consumers in China is on the rise and that the wine lovers in China are mainly interested in consuming wines that are manufactured locally or domestically. 

For the very first time in more than a decade, Summergate finally got convinced into distributing Chinese wine even though Kanaan Winery is already under distribution by Pudao Wines, which is a sister firm of Summergate. This step indicates that there is enough demand for domestic and premium wines amongst the wine drinking population in China. However, it just needs to be tapped. 

According to a senior official at East Meets West Fine Wines, approximately 70 percent of the wines in the wine market of China are locally manufactured and domestic wines. Also, Kanaan Winery’s owner stated that Summergate had tried working on the same principle of the former’s. The general manager of Summergate also stated that the wines that were being manufactured by Kanaan wines were of a very high quality. 

Silver Heights is already in distribution by Torres China, and Taigu based Grace Vineyard. The Wine Republic has also been selling Helan Qingxue Vineyard’s wines as well. For most of the premium varieties of Chinese wines, hotels and restaurants are by far the most ideal and popular destinations. 

A senior official at The Wine Republic expressed that in recent years, the demand for Helan Qingxue Vineyard’s wines has mostly been from the high class hotels and restaurants. This also includes substantial demand from the Hyatt Group of hotels in China, and others such as the Shangri-La hotels, Beijing based Temple Restaurant, and the Shanghai based Hakkasan Restaurant. 
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