Suit Against Bank of China for Financing Terror Organizations Dismissed by New York Court

Published By : 09 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A prolonged suit against the Bank of China, which was filed in the U.S. by the victims of terrorist attacks in Israel has been dismissed by a New York court. The court had dismissed the case way back in August, however, the decision was kept undisclosed till Oct. 10th, 2015.

Around 20 American families, who had suffered terror attacks in Israel during the period of 2003 to 2008, filed a suit against the Bank of China, stating that it had allowed the transfer of millions of dollars through its branch on Guangzhou to Islamic Jihad and Hamas by Iran.

Initially, the government of Israel had helped the petitioners, as Israel has always been on the radar of these terrorists. The government hoped that this case would assist the country to stop the channeling of funds to terror organizations based in Palestinian.

The documents presented to the court contains significant information provided by the former government official of Israel, Mr. Uzi Shaya. According to these documents, it was 2004, when the state got to know that Mr. Said al-Shurafa, one of the account holders in Bank of China, Guangzhou branch along with some of his family members was involved into money laundering and was transferring it to Hamas and Islamic Jihad through the bank.

Mr. Shaya with some other Israeli officials held a meeting with the bank in 2005 and provided them with proof of the laundering that was happening trough the bank. They asked the bank to deactivate those accounts, for which the bank blatantly refused.

The government of Israel has already told in 2013 that it wouldn’t permit Mr. Shaya to testify in the court. However, Mr. Shaya publicly announced that he wanted to testify against the bank.

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