Sugar Makers from Lewis County Expecting Good Business Opportunity in China

Published By : 28 Sep 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

China is a booming market. However, it not just the Chinese that are enjoying the benefits of this fast growth. Consumers in China in the past few decades have experienced rising level of disposable incomes. This has boosted the purchasing power of consumers in China. Couple this with the massive population of China, and you have a plethora of business opportunities in the China market.

International firms in the healthcare industry, electronics industry, consumer goods industry, energy industry, etc., have leveraged upon the business opportunity of the lucrative China market. One of the industries that has and will continue to benefit from this trend is the food and beverages industry. With the right marketing, companies from Scotland, South Korea, Europe, and Australia have penetrated the China market and experienced good profits. China is increasingly importing organic fruits and vegetables from Europe, milk from South Korea, wine from Australia, and scotch from Scotland.

In the list of places, from which China imports its food and beverages items, another name that is expected to be added is Lewis County, NY. In a recent, New York State trade mission to China, officials that represented Croghan maple makers were met with representatives from around 60 companies, especially maple. Planning Director, Mr. Pace informed the Economic Development Committee that there was a significant interest. Mr. Pace along with the executive director Mr. Ledoux of Cornell Cooperative Extension Lewis Country joined in the trade mission located near Beijing to establish New York as a free-trade zone for products made in NY.

Last year in December, hundreds of millilitre bottles of maple syrup from Lewis County was shipped to China. However, as this shipment was made to sit in a warehouse for a month and half waiting approval, it was considered frustrating. Nevertheless, with the opening of the trade, the tariffs on imports should be substantially less and approval of these shipments much faster.

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