Study Reveals Toddler Food has too much Sugar and Salt

Published By : 03 Feb 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to a new government study, many of the packaged meals and snacks available for toddlers contain unhealthy and worrisome amount of sugar and salts. These products create an early taste for foods in toddlers which can contribute to obesity and other health related risks.

Around seven out of ten toddler dinners studied which contained too much amount of salts and majority of the cereal bars, snacks, breakfast pastries available for toddlers and infants contained extra sugars, according to the study conducted by researchers at the federals Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention. The researchers advise parents to read the food label to ensure they make healthier choices. 

In addition, the researchers analyzed the package information and labels for over one thousand products marketed for toddlers and infants. This study notes that around one in four of the U.S. children between ages 2 to 5 are either overweight or obese. Also, almost eighty per cent of kids from 1 to 3 exceed the recommended level for salt which is just 1,500 milligrams. In addition, the excess amount of sugar and salt can lead to obesity and elevated blood pressure not only in childhood but continue later on as well.

The researchers stated that their there was most recent and all-encompassing data for commercial foods available for young children. They have acknowledged that there have been certain improvements in the marketplace, but their finding are not negative at all.

However, the good news was that the majority of infant foods were low in sodium, and out of ten, seven toddler foods were high in the amount of sodium per serving and a substantial of toddler meals and majority of their foods contained a lot of sugar.
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