Study Reveals Marijuana Extract to Reduce Seizures in Epileptic Kids

Published By : 05 Apr 2016 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

According to a study conducted by the Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago, a marijuana extract helps in reducing seizures in severely epileptic children. Drugs derived from the marijuana plant have not yet received approval from the federal regulators. The results of this study are expected to improve the chances for the drug, Epidiolex, to get approval from the federal authorities to be used as a prescription drug for Dravet syndrome that usually affects patients in their early childhood. If approved, the drug would be the first derived from marijuana to get approval from the federal regulators.

However, the study points out a much more controlled and limited usage of the plant. Patients suffering from Dravet Syndrome have frequent seizures leading to problems with motor skills, language, and others. The common drugs given to such patients make them dopey. However, the trials regarding the drug Epidiolex revealed side effects including diarrhoea, sleepiness, and decreased appetite. These side effects ranged from mild to moderate according to the results provided by the manufacturer.

Epidiolex Reduces Convulsive Seizures by 39%

Chemically, Epidiolex is cannabidiol or CBD which is a non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana. However, the medicine lacks the THC component that makes the users high. The drug manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals, conducted the study as part of its nationwide clinical trial. A preliminary study by the drug manufacturer had also yielded positive results earlier. This study included around 120 patients, aged between 2 and 18, suffering from the Dravet syndrome where seizures were resistant to existing drugs. The drug manufacturer has claimed that the clinical trials revealed 39% reduction in convulsive seizures after the drug was administered. It is to be seen that how soon the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves that drug.

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