Study Indicates Parents who put Children to Bed Early have Better Mental Health

Published By : 05 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Parents who are in need for a little sanity might possibly find it by adjusting the bedtimes of their kids: Children who go to bed early are more inclined to be healthier, according to a new research. The research also found that this could lead to the moms having better mental health. 

Research fellow at Melbourne, Australia’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and lead author of the study Jon Quach said in a written statement that putting children to bed early is not only beneficial for them but for the moms and dads too.

“Early to bed” according to Quach and his associates means going to sleep by 8.30 pm.

For early school age children, that is a very typical bed time. The level of melatonin in these kids is likely to peak at around 8:00 pm, according to Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, a pediatrician based out of Seattle. Melatonin is a hormone that helps the brain relax and fall asleep. Dr. Sue Swanson writes the blog Seattle Mama Doc and was not part of the Australian study. 

Speaking to TODAY Parents, Dr. Sue Swanson said that everyone knows that sleep is a vital part of one’s mood and mental health. In kids, sleep is related to their ability to self control and is also linked with their behavioral issues. 

She added that when one thinks about the mothers, it makes sense that if the children go to bed early, the mother is likely to wind down sooner, get things done, and get the feeling that things are under control.

The results of the study are based on interviews taken with parents and children as part of the “Growing Up in Australia” study. This study tracks hundreds of thousands of Australian families since 2004 and continues to do so every two years.

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