Stroke can be detected by microwave helmet

Published By : 17 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A prototype of microwave helmet has been developed by a team of scientists. This helmet can help spot if a person is going to have a stroke.

When a person experiences a stroke, the health care practitioner has to work quickly to prevent any further brain damage. However, if it takes more than four hours to get to a hospital and start the treatment then there is a possibility of the death of the brain tissues.

So, the best possible treatment in such a condition for the doctors is to determine the reason behind the stroke, whether it is caused by a clot or by a leaky blood vessel. The CT scan helps to diagnose this, but this scan can take some time which can make the doctor and patient lose the valuable time.

The microwave helmet or wearable cap bounces off microwaves from the brain which helps it to determine if there is going to be a clot or bleeding inside the head. The helmet is devised by a team of Swedish scientists and they plan to give it to ambulance teams. These helmets will be handed to the ambulance crews once the results in early studies with forty-five patients prove that the helmets are effective.

The helmet utilizes microwave signals which are similar to the ones that are emitted by mobile phones and microwave ovens. However, the signals that the helmet uses are much weaker, which help to build a picture of what is going with the brain.
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