Stringify to be Relaunched by Comcast in New Appearance

Published By : 10 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Stringify is an app that helps consumers control and automate their smart home devices, and is very similar to the IFFTI app. However, Stringify was grabbed up by Comcast recently, wherein it would be re-launched to provide improved smart device controls.

Stringify to Shine in a New Avatar

The app would be launched in a new appearance and a new feel altogether, along with deeper integrations with services provided by Comcast. The app will also support new hardware services. Earlier, Comcast wanted to create its own successful niche in the smart home management systems. However doing this would make it unable for the company to compete with well-known voice platforms such as Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home, and others. By doing this, Comcast also wanted to maintain a better position in the context of TV and the Internet-based services, wherein the entire point is to provide a smart home experience.

To make all this happen, Comcast decided to bring back Stringify, wherein its automation routines can be highly helpful, which are further triggered by various events. In case of Stringify, a higher focus has been put on automating smart homes. Stringify relaunched can be integrated with Comcast’s TV platform, wherein the X1, as well its Wi-Fi offering xFi can work through its connections.

In this way, users of Comcast can connect their smart home devices to their TVs and also manage their notifications, thereby making use of automated routines created with the help of the program. These routines are programmed to be triggered with specific large events. A prominent example of an event includes scheduling a family movie on a specific date and time in the evening, wherein the TV channel can be changed immediately after the lights dim out. A user can automate the home Wi-Fi connection at dinnertime, or can even set up burglar alarm sensor/detector in connection with the TV.

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