Stringent Building Assessment Adopted by HK to Save Energy

Published By : 26 May 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Even more strict assessment of the upcoming building will be done by the council in Hong Kong for green building. These new regulations will be introduced in the year 2017, as the city continues to save energy by following up with the blueprint issued by the Environment Bureau previously this month.

New buildings in Hong Kong are defined as building which needs developments that are not yet completed. On the other hand, existing buildings in the mean time account for around 90 per cent of Hong Kong’s electricity consumption and have to face more challenges to adapt to the new technologies in the presence of multiple ownerships and space constraints.

Flexible evaluations will be announced for existing building in the coming year to support the retrofitting of the energy efficient technology. Under the enhanced evaluation scheme which is planned by green building council in the city of Hong Kong the owners of the existing buildings will be allowed two more rating options in place of a full scale assessment in one session. It can fulfill some issues such as waste, water, and energy. These are among the six criteria that will allow a gradual full scale analysis for the duration of three years.

The green building council in the city will also issue new evaluation criteria which will support greener building operation and management of the same. However, for the upcoming buildings the ratings will be stricter by 2017 as they will catch up the innovative technologies and modified regulations. Furthermore, recognition schemes will also be issued for office and retail developments that feature outstanding energy saving performance this year.
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