STMicroelectronics steps out of IBM Alliance

Published By : 29 Jan 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

STMicroelctronics has decided to pull out from the IBM Alliance made for its semiconductor process technology. This is now apparently become without a source of core CMOS technology.

According to the Jean-Marc Chery the COO at ST, their agreement with IBM gives them the right to end their participation in this Alliance under specific condition. In addition, Chery said that they have made the decision during the quarter to exercise these rights. As of today, they are in a discussion with IBM to create a plan for smoothly winding down their participation formed in this Alliance. Furthermore, Chery mentioned they will continue to focus on their differentiated process such as CMOS FD SOI for the year 2014, embedded non volatile memory for microcontroller, NF SOI, and the specialized camera sensor for their BiCMOS and Flightsense and Photonics.

The Common Platform Alliance is into developing core technology of CMOS. The participants include GloFo, Samsung, ST, and around 20 other firms. There are have been question marks regarding the future of the Alliance since IBM decided to sold its chip business to the organization GloFo previous year. These differentiated processes are quite very well, however it is the core technology on which these differentiated process rely which the Alliance supplied to ST.

When asked where ST now will be obtained their core CMOS technology, the company’s PR sources remained silent. However, the most likely sources for future process technology for ST can be Samsung as with the company has a license agreement on GloFo and FD-SOI. Another possible source could be Imec, whose CMOS process technology though ST, it has not joined any Imec programmes during the past, and is not into development on FD SOI.
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