SteelSeries Launches Attractive Two New Arctis Pro Gaming Headsets

Published By : 02 Apr 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Packed up with a high level of comfort and technology, SteelSeries has announced two new Arctis Pro headsets mainly for gaming purposes. With a splendid sound output and attractive design, these headsets are a handsome deal mainly for gamers.

New Headsets to Breath A Bout of Excitement for Gamers

As is evident by the name, the Arctis Pro Wireless headset can be connected through a 2.4GHz transmission frequency. This transmission is lossless, thereby ensuring the absence of lag in delivered audio, which is a necessary factor while participating in online competitive gaming. Apart from being wireless and being highly-comfortable, the headset is provided with a suspension system headband along with a transmitter base, wherein one can swap the battery. The headsets exhibit an OLED display that provides essential information to the user.

However, the gadgets have a few shortcomings – chief of which deals with its compatibility only to PS4 or PC. The wired version of Arctis Pro that comes without GameDAC can be connected to Xbox One. Nevertheless, from an overall perspective the headsets are a cool gadget to own, especially as enjoying excellent sound quality is a focal point for the users. The headsets include DTS X 7.1 that provide an amazing sound.

The GameDAC option has an additional Hi-Res Audio certificate is a good option if a user wants to stream FLAC files having high-res audio derived from Tidal, and similar sources. The overall audio is highly enhanced thanks to the DAC, which provides extensive equalization options from a physical controller.

Both headsets are tagged are fairly expensive; as the Arctic Pro + DAC costs US$249.99 and the Arctis Pro Wireless costs US$329.99. Compared to the others from the SteelSeries lineup, the Arctis Pro headsets do come at a hefty price. But, the way the channel separation and surround virtualization is provided through these headsets, they surely are worth the price.

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