Steam’s Video Games Not Allowed on iPhone

Published By : 25 May 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

Apple Inc. has dropped plans to allow the largest distributor of PC-based video games called Steam to enter iPhones. This shows that Apple is being judicious about its digital purchases in games on its mobile devices.

Steam is currently the leading online store for downloaded games that can be played on Windows PCs. It had envisaged to roll out a free app for mobile phone in which people could resume their game while away from the desktop. However, Apple has turned down the app and has blocked its release. This was informed by the spokesperson for Bellevue which is the parent company for Steam. The company was clearly disappointed since it had devoted many hours on the project and its approval.

Move Can Affect iPhone’s Adolescent Users

It hoped however, Apple would reconsider it in the future. This is because the smartphone maker’s decision to block Steam can actually deal blow to its adolescent product users, over half of whom use an iPhone.

So far, Steam has not offered an exact reason for the denials by App Store. It simply said that “business conflicts with app guidelines” was the main reason behind it. It is however felt that the main bone of content is the purchases made in-app or small transactions which allow gamers to extra lives or tokens, among other digital goods inside games.

Apple is said to take around 30 percent of the money received from such purchases.

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