State Recognizes Rural Health Week in Alabama to Ensure Access to Adequate Healthcare Facilities in Rural Areas

Published By : 17 Nov 2015 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The week between November 16th and 20th has been proclaimed by Governor Robert Bentley as “Rural Health Week” in Alabama. The announcement is made with an aim to make Alabamians more aware of the crucial significance of rural areas and the struggle that these backward regions have to go through to ensure access to adequate healthcare facilities. 

Since these rural regions are sparsely populated, policymakers often fail to acknowledge the healthcare needs of these regions compared to more urban locales, inhibited by a larger number of people. However, the rural areas are crucial for the economic development of any country, since these sectors are suppliers of materials, necessities, and resources such as food, which a person needs in order to survive. Hence, it is equally important for a country to have healthy and vibrant rural areas. 

Adequate healthcare facility and economic opportunity are both significant for an economy to progress. A region that lacks proper healthcare cannot be at par with the economic development and growth exhibited by other areas. Perhaps, the greatest evidence of this is the fact that more than 24 Alabama counties are home to a smaller population at present than what they had a century ago. In addition, recent statistics suggests that about 33 Alabama counties will report even lesser population in 2040 than what they had in 2010. This is due to the exit of young residents of these rural areas elsewhere in the wake of developing a better career or for education and technical training. 

The Alabama counties, therefore are in need of improved healthcare services, so that they may avail proper facilities at the time of emergencies. As of now, Alabama reports the 3rd highest death rate among the 50 US states. Furthermore, since Alabama is dependent on rural areas, having adequate healthcare facilities is the basic need. The “Rural Health Week” organized in Alabama is, therefore, an endeavor of policymakers to improve the health standard in the state and increase the health awareness among the rural population.

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