Starbucks to offer tuition aid to its US employees

Published By : 17 Jun 2014 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

A job at Starbucks (at the US) can waive-off your college fees by more than USD 5000, according to the announcement of a new plan by Starbucks in collaboration with The Arizona State University. 

The plan has been announced by Starbucks officials to help some of their staff afford their college fees. Arizona State University will help the plan work by offering Starbucks employees discount in their fees.

A similar program is already available for Starbucks employees of Canada. 

All the employees who meet the required conditions to fit in the program will be able to save a considerable amount of money required for their college fees, an estimated USD 5000.  

The first test plan of the program would first see how the discount system works out. If the results pan out as expected, further reimbursement for the program would follow. If a more expansive and larger system follows as a result, more young people would turn to side-jobs at Starbucks than ever before. 

The span of courses that would be covered under this program will be quite extensive, a list of which will be shortly available on the University’s website. If the initial period proves positive, more courses would be added to the currently decided lot. 

College tuition fee is a big issue for many young adults and their families. Costs are on a continuous rise and those who enter the United States for their studies end up with a huge amount of debt, in most common cases. 

Though one cannot expect every industry to adopt a similar trend for promoting education in their employees, this surely is an inspiring story for all. 

Looks like a job at Starbucks would not be that difficult now.
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