Starbucks’ Pink Drinks to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Published By : 09 Oct 2018 | Published By : QYRESEARCH

The month of October brings in autumn and with that comes the summer to winter transition. It is the time for lilies, dahlia and roses to bloom and fill us with its aroma. Quite interestingly, the month of October is also referred as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NCAM). Generally the pink color identifies the wearer or promoter with increased breast cancer awareness and thus express moral support for women with breast cancer. Starbucks, the American coffeehouse chain, is supporting breast cancer awareness and has recently launched three new pink drinks in order to show strong support in Indonesia. 

The year 2018 is marked as the second year wherein Starbucks has teamed up with Lovepink, a non-profit organization, for the breast cancer awareness campaign. Their theme is “Talk About It, Share It and Save More”. The three types of pink drinks launched in Indonesian Starbucks are: strawberry cold foam and espresso called Fantasia Yogurt Frappuccino; blend of milk, ice, strawberry and vanilla-flavored syrup topped with raspberry whipped cream called strawberry Cold Foam Iced Espresso; and fresh milk with strawberry and vanilla flavored syrup along with espresso called Pink Macchiato. 

Business and Social Service in One Cup

All the three items in the menu are doing good business and 10 percent of the sales from each of the pink drinks will go to Lovepink Indonesia. This means that there is active monetary donation going to the funds for breast cancer in and around the country. Throughout the month of October, the three pink drinks will be available. The main motive behind this is to create awareness, sharing it, and saving other people from the deadly tentacles of breast cancer. Apart from the drinks, Starbucks, Indonesia has also scheduled activities, talks on breast cancer, and related myths to boost awareness among people. The coffeehouse chain surely knows how to make business while representing something just beyond a cup of coffee.

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